Get A Roof Inspection And Purchase Confidently

The initial line of defense against the elements is the roof of a house. A regular roof inspection is an often overlooked facet of home ownership. If the roof hasn’t been adequately inspected and maintained, a defect that took place months ago could cause significant damage during the first rain of the season. The roof is the most significant barrier for a home, so it’s a good idea to have an inspection done before committing to a purchase.

Moisture Protection

In terms of moisture, there are lots of points of possible intrusion. Water is capable of infiltrating the tiniest of defects. An extremely high wind can cause shingles to peel and in some cases pull completely off. The replacement of shingles must be a top priority, however one or two missing shingles isn’t always an immediate threat as a result of the other components of the roofing process. Caulking can crack and separate throughout a hot, dry summer. Water excels at seeping into tiny cracks in caulking and other sealants. Around the chimney and vents, flashing is the very first barrier. It can deteriorate from prolonged exposure to pooling water.

The Pitfalls of Moisture Intrusion

If moisture does get in it isn’t always made apparent immediately. In the attic, mold and rot are the consequence of collected water. If left unfettered too long, it will make its way down into the living spaces where the mold can be a real threat to the occupant’s health. Letting it go unchecked is often an incredibly costly repair. Due to these threats, a roof inspection isn’t only performed from on top of the house. The attic is an essential point of further scrutiny to make sure it’s dry and undamaged. So that there aren’t any surprises when it comes to repairs, evaluating the extent is vital if it is damaged.

It’s Not Just About the Surface

While the surface of the roof and the attic are the most crucial elements of an inspection, there are various other areas that require attention. You can keep water from seeping or pooling where it shouldn’t if you make sure all gutters are clear of debris and correctly attached to the house. To disperse the rainwater away from the foundation of the home, the downspouts should be fastened securely at the top. The chimney is also an area that will require close inspection, not only where it attaches to the roof but also the cap and crown. The chimney cap can rust and turn into a point of intrusion if it has dents and permits pooling. Water has another way to get inside if the cap is cracked or the seal is loose.

Various Other Concerns Beyond Water

Rain or snow may be the most common reasons for costly repair, but there are other forms of damage that will be looked for during an inspection. Shingles could become dry and susceptible to breaking in a high wind because of the prolonged exposure to the hot sun on long, dry summer days. The chimney cap also can harbor undesirable guests for instance birds or rodents. Other weaknesses in the roof can provide access points for rodents.

You can avert other costly damage when you check for and repair these types of issues. With all of the risk of potential deterioration, a roof inspection will keep you stress-free throughout your purchase and subsequent home ownership.

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